I am golden Karen

The Karen People are an ethnic minority of eastern and southern Burma (Myanmar). Many Karen people live in north-western Thailand as refugees from the decades-long Karen insurgency and Burmese government oppression. 

The Karen in Burma have suffered opression at the hands of successive regimes of that country for decades. Forced re-settlement and labor, incarceration, denial of political representation and citizenship status rights among other human rights violations have led thousands of Karen to move into Thailand. While many argue that they have a better life there, their status is yet unsure. Many of them are in Thailand as refugees

I AM GOLDEN KAREN is a documentaryfilm about 5 vulnerable Karen boys from Burma, struggling with their identity as immigrants in Thailand. Hidden in the outskirts of Bangkok, they dream of a golden future for their hiphop band Rap 4 Karen Family and long to return to their homeland and make it as rappers in Burma.
However, the harsh reality of their lives in Bangkok repeatdely gets in the way.